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March 11, 2014

DevOps.com – Where the world meets DevOps

DevOps-Logo Tagline-RGB_flat I am very proud to announce that DevOps.com launched today. I and my co-founder, Martin Logan have been working on getting this new site and business up and running for many months now.  DevOps.com tagline is “where the world meets DevOps.” 

This is truly is our mission as well.  DevOps.com will offer the most original content on DevOps in the world. We will have content for everyone. From the most technical issues, to general business questions, we will be posting a big tent for DevOps.

We have assembled a dream team of writers and bloggers who have already written outstanding stories that will be published over the next weeks and months. We will soon have some great community features as well that will help the entire DevOps community.Writers are not the only dream team part of DevOps.com. In the coming days and weeks we will announce our all star board of advisors, sponsors and other important members of the DevOps.com family.

But today there are two people I want to point out. One is Martin Logan, my co-founder. When I originally started thinking about doing a site on DevOps, I really wanted the DevOps.com domain.  I reached out to Martin to see if he would consider a reasonable offer. A few hours later we were partners.  Martin has a great DevOps resume and his behind the scenes work has made this day possible.

The second person I want to shout out to is my long time friend, Rajat Bhargava.  Raj and I have worked together since my Interliant days back in the dotcom boom.  We did StillSecure together. With DevOps.com Raj has rolled up his sleeves and helped me in anyway he could.  While he is busy with his own new startup, JumpCloud, he always had time to answer a uestion, think through an issue or make an introduction. Couldn’t do this without him.

I have been following the growing DevOps movement since I met Gene Kim 3+ years ago.  This past fall I attended my first DevOps conference and saw first hand how DevOps was changing the way IT worked. I read The Phoenix Project and it all came together for me. 

I recognized that I had a mission  with DevOps.com to bring DevOps across the chasm from early adopters and visionaries to the mainstream. 

I am grateful for the support of so many of my friends who have helped and supported this effort. The site you see today is just the beginning. In true DevOps fashion we will continue to iterate and make the site better.  Give us time.

In the meantime, please check out the site. Sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on twitter @devopsdotcom or on facebook or Linkedin or Google+.


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