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February 21, 2013

Where is AShimmy at RSA?

You can feel the pace rising to a crescendo, you sense it coming. But don’t look now, RSA is just next week.  The last two months have been pretty much a blur in getting ready for the big conference.  As usual I should have done 12 things I didn’t, but the dozens of things I have done is going to have to be enough. 

I am happy to be chairing two panels during RSA week this year.  The first is on Monday, the 25th (also my 23rd wedding anniversary) at the annual and well attended Americas Growth Capital Conference, over at the Westin.  The panel I am chairing is at 11:30 a.m..

The topic is Cloud Security Services: The Evolution Continues

Here is the abstract:

With the initial gold rush to the cloud it seemed that every security vendor was pushing a cloud security service. Every security company had to have their “story on the cloud” for customers, analysts and investors. But over the months and years we have seen a steady evolution of cloud security services beyond those early “everything but the kitchen sink” strategies.

More than just putting data and analysis off premises, today’s cloud security services are truly leveraging the unique features of the cloud like elasticity, massive scale and instant on provisioning.

Just because you can do it in the cloud doesn’t mean the cloud is the best place to do it. As we move beyond the explosion of cloud security services, which types of security services are best suited to the cloud? Which cloud security services will have markets large enough to create substantial business opportunity? Which cloud security services are so disruptive that they will eliminate or replace non-cloud based security services?

Evolution can be a cruel master, only the strong survive. The losers fall into the trash heap of history. Our panel will tell you who the winners will be in cloud security services.

I am joined on the panel by:

Matthew Prince, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, CloudFlare

Dave Dewalt, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, FireEye, Chairman, Mandiant

Jay Chaudhry, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Zscaler

Stuart Scholly, President, Prolexic

Carson Sweet, Co-Founder and CEO of CloudPassage

It should be a great panel!

Then on Wednesday I am chairing a great panel at RSA at 9:20 am in room 304 on Ipv6 Vulnerability Management: From Theory to Reality. The agenda:

Join the leading lights of the vulnerability management industry as they carry forward their discussion on the challenges of managing vulnerabilities and network security in an IPv6 network. Where last year the discussion was theoretical, this years panel will focus on actual case studies of standing IPv6 networks in govt., retail, large enterprise and the cloud.

My fantastic panel for this one is:

Wolfgang Kandek - Chief Technology Officer, Qualys
Ron Gula - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer, Tenable Network Security
HD Moore - Chief Security Officer, Rapid 7
Tim Keanini - Chief Research Officer, nCircle
Misha Govshteyn - Vice President Emerging Products, Alert Logic

Besides that I will of course be at the Security Bloggers Meet up and Security Blogger Awards on Wednesday.  Besides that I will be in and out of meetings and sessions, parties at night and usually at the W bar before heading in for the night.  If you see me, be sure to say hi.

Enjoy RSA, let the fun begin!

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