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January 28, 2013

Security Blogger Awards Finalist Voting Is Now Open!

social security bloggers awards 13Well finally I am happy to report that the finalists have been selected and voting for the 5th annual Social Security Blogger Awards is now open!. I know many of you did not understand and were confused by the preliminary rounds of voting. However, our new method of picking finalists has resulted in what we think is our strongest group of finalists ever.

We have many of the blogs and podcasts that have been nominated before (quality is quality), but we also have many new or never before nominated sites as well.  Many thanks to our all star panel of judges who nominated some of the finalists – Bill Brenner of CSO, Kelly Jackson-Higgins of Dark Reading, Wendy Nather of The 451 Group and none other than Beaker himself, Chris Hoff.

Also many thanks to all of the blogs and podcasts who requested to be nominated. Whether you made the finals or not, keep blogging.

You can go vote for your picks here. As in years past, to vote in the finals you have to be a security blogger or podcaster yourself.  All votes are reviewed by humans, so please just vote once and don’t try to game the system.

Special thanks to Trainer Communications for all of the help with voting and helping. Also special thanks to sponsors of the Bloggers Meetup – Qualys, Fortinet, Sourcefire, Akamai, Barracuda Networks and RSA Conference.

Here are the finalists.  Good luck to them all!  Of course winners will be announced at the Bloggers Meet up at RSA Conference 2013.

Best Corporate Security Blog

McAfee Blog: click here

CloudFlare Blog: click here

SecureWorks Blog: click here

Solutionary Minds Blog: click here

Kaspersky Lab Securelist Blog: click here

Veracode Blog: click here

Trend Micro Blog: click here

Naked Security Blog: click here

Best Security Podcast

Liquidmatrix Security Digest: click here

EuroTrashSecurity: click here

Paul Dotcom: click here

SANS Internet Storm Center: click here

Southern Fried Security: click here

Risky Business: click here

Sophos Security Chet Chat: click here

The Most Educational Security Blog

BH Consulting's Security Watch Blog: click here

Security Uncorked Blog: click here

Dr. Kees Leune's Blog: click here

Securosis Blog: click here

Social-Engineer.org Blog: click here

Critical Watch Blog: click here

The Security Skeptic Blog: click here

Krebs On Security: click here

The New School of Information Security Blog: click here

The Most Entertaining Security Blog

Packet Pushers Blog: click here

J4VV4D's Blog: click here

Securosis Blog: click here

Errata Security Blog: click here

Naked Security Blog: click here

Uncommon Sense Security Blog: click here

PSilvas Blog: click here

The Blog That Best Represents The Security Industry

SpiderLabs Anterior Blog: click here

Krebs On Security Blog: click here

1 Raindrop Blog: click here

Naked Security Blog: click here

The Firewall (Forbes) Blog: click here

Threat Level (Wired) Blog: click here

Securosis Blog: click here

Michael Peters Blog: click here

The Single Best Blog Post or Podcast Of The Year

The Epic Hacking of Mat Honan and Our Identity Challenge: click here

Application Security Debt and Application Interest Rates: click here

Why XSS is serious business (and why Tesco needs to pay attention): click here

Meet The Hackers Who Sell Spies The Tools To Crack Your PC (And Get Paid Six-Figure Fees): click here

Levelling up in the real world: click here

Secure Business Growth, Corporate Responsibility with Ben Tomhave: click here

The Security Bloggers Hall Of Fame

Jack Daniel

Richard Bejtlich

Gunnar Peterson

Naked Security Blog

Wendy Nather

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