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March 06, 2012

User Activity Monitoring (UAM) and Data Theft Webinar

Living down here in South Florida, I am always excited to find out about security companies right here in my own backyard. About a month or so ago I came across Spectorsoft, where my old friend Jeani Park is now working. I don’t know how I missed Spectorsoft before. They have pioneered something they call user activity monitoring (UAM).

I am appearing on a webinar with Spectorsoft tomorrow at 2pm east coast time that will explore how UAM can help prevent data theft. If you are not familiar with Spectorsoft and UAM, you should definitely dial in to the webinar. It’s free of course and by attending you are eligible to win a new iPad3.

User Activity Monitoring allows IT Pros, Security Experts, HR, and Risk Managers to see what users and groups of users are doing. Capturing and replaying how people, departments, and divisions work, which applications and systems they are using, and how they communicate enables organizations to:

  • See who accesses, transfers, and alters protected or confidential information
  • Record and replay work activity to see which individuals and groups are most productive and efficient
  • Capture and review email, IM, and chat communications to be sure your Electronic Acceptable Use Policies are met

Sounds pretty comprehensive I know. I have seen the product in action and can tell you it really does work.  Join us on the webinar tomorrow if you can!


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