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December 12, 2011

Blogging is a Conversation

For those of you who may be wondering, yes there will be a killer Security Bloggers Meet up at RSA this year. There will also be another Social Security Blogger Awards with some new categories as well. More on those in another blog. But the reason I write today is something Rich Mogull said on our blogger meet up organizing committee call.

Rich said “lets face it, the security blogger’s community isn’t what it used to be”. While I don’t disagree with Rich, I went back and looked at some of the numbers and some of the security blogs. While Rich is right, we don’t see as many as blog posts from the community as we used to, I think we all agree that Twitter probably plays a significant role in that. In fact the Tripwire 25 most influential people in security list seems pretty skewed towards twittter users. But that being said, there are still plenty of security blog posts being posted. The SBN feed is still fresh with lots of new posts every day.

One thing I do see is many of the posts come from corporate security blogs rather than individuals. Many of the corporate blogs don’t develop the personality that a good personal blog does. More importantly what has changed is another thing Rich brought up. We don’t comment anymore. We don’t blog back anymore.

People are blogging and putting their 2 cents into the conversation, but no one is repsonding. Oh, maybe they respond on twitter, on but it doesn’t make it into the blog. Blogging has always been and will always be a two way street. A blog should be a multi-party conversation with the blogger putting forth his ideas and others responding. They can agree, disagree, or concur, but they put their thoughts into the conversation.

One of the great things about reading a hot blog post was following the thread of comments, that was where the real action took place. Whether it was a Rothman post on Security Incite/Securosis or Tom Pcatek on Matasano, a good threat with 50 comments kept you reading for more.

Now maybe Twitter is where blog comments have gone and some of the discussion. Can we have a plug in that captures the real time of twitter comments and discussions back to the original blog post? Doesn’t sound too hard.

How about writing a blog post in response to another blog post? That is part of carrying on the conversation as well. Need something good to blog about? Go look at what your community is writing and join in.

Adam Shostack over on Emergent Chaos has a post up about Threat Modeling as a result of a conversation he had with Wendy Nather, who has her own good blog post about “what your analyst wishes you knew” (and she is not talking about your psychoanalyst either).

I am going over to both of those blogs and adding my voice to the conversation. I already tweeted Wendy’s post, but I realize that is not enough. If we are going to keep the Security blogging community strong and vibrant we have to add our voice on blogs.

What about you? Are you ready to rejoin the conversation?  If so, head over to your favorite security blog and join in.  Or better yet, write a blog in response to someone else’s blog.  It starts with you and you and you.

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