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May 06, 2011

Sophos Moves Beyond The Endpoint With Astaro Buy

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Saw the news today about Sophos buying Astaro.  My initial reaction was “is this good for Jack Daniel”.  But beyond that I think it is a good move for Sophos. For years they have successfully been competing with Symantec and McAfee in the endpoint security game. But they needed to move beyond the endpoint.

Sophos has been known to been lighter and more nimble than some of their bigger competition. But what the bigger guys had was more than the endpoint. They had network security as well.  Other than NAC, Sophos had nothing to compete.  If they were truly going to compete with the bigger companies in the security space they had to move to the network too.

In Astaro they picked up a good one. Astaro has quietly become a player in the UTM market. Their growth has been steady and considerable. They were out in front with virtual appliances. They are a solid company in the network security market with a diverse customer base.  I think it is a perfect fit for Sophos.

Now the important stuff, what does this mean for Jack? I hope they continue Astaro’s practice of letting Jack run community and continue the support of B-sides events.

Congratulations to all of my friends at Astaro and to all of the great bloggers at Sophos. I think together, this will be a new powerhouse in security.

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