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April 19, 2011

FireMon Leapfrogs Competition In Risk Analysis

FireMon (formerly Secure Passage) today announced the acquisition of a company called Saperix Technology. Saperix Technology’s major asset it seems is some patented risk analysis technology that was developed by the MIT Lincoln Labs over the last 10 years.

Of course FireMon is in the firewall/security device management space that I follow pretty closely.  I wrote about the space last shortly after RSA. At the time I noted that some of the players in the space had moved into risk analysis, while others actually came from the risk analysis space into device management (Skybox Security, Red Seal).

At the time I though that FireMon had not kept pace with the others on that front. With today’s move and from what I have seen and been told, it would seem FireMon may have in fact leapfrogged the competition with this smart buy.

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Jody Brazil, President of FireMon last week about the acquisition.  Jody wrote a great blog on the details behind the deal on the FireMon blog today too.

Suffice to say that according to Jody the real thing holding back wider adoption of this type of risk analysis at the enterprise to this point was that frankly it didn’t scale. It wasn’t fast enough or scalable.  That is where this government lab developed technology is different. According to Brazil this technology is enterprise ready in terms of scalability and responsiveness.

The FireMon folks say they have really got something here and will be integrating it into the FireMon product line in a very short time (read that in weeks, not months).

Gary Fish of Fishnet Security is the CEO of FireMon and Gary knows a thing or two about acquiring companies. He says that he is not done yet with acquisitions.  He thinks the future of FireMon is to continue to grow organically, as well as by strategic acquisition. Gary is pretty pumped up about this acquisition as well. 

It sounds like FireMon is going to reassert itself as the leader in this space. With Gary Fish behind it and a solid technology base that they are adding to, it might be a wise bet to bet on FireMon.

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