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May 26, 2010

The Security Bloggers Network Has A Platinum Sponsor, RSA Conference!

rsaconflogo I am deeply humbled and proud to announce that the Security Bloggers Network has a Platinum Sponsor.  The great folks at RSA Conference have stepped up and agreed to be the premier sponsor of the Security Bloggers Network for an entire year!

This will allow the SBN to put into motion many of the programs and plans that we have been trying to bring to the community. With almost 300 blogs in the network, the SBN is the largest collection of security blogs in the world. Every blog and each blogger have requested to be part of the network. In the near future look for the SBN site to become a key destination for both security bloggers and those who read them.

The RSA Conference team have always been leaders and big supporters of the security bloggers movement. From being one of the first conferences to recognize bloggers with press credentials, to sponsoring the annual security bloggers meet up, to having a great stable of security bloggers on the site itself, the folks at RSA Conference have led the way in supporting the community. With this sponsorship they continue that tradition. As part of the sponsorship agreement, the RSA Conference will also highlight many of the blogs in the SBN to give the bloggers additional exposure.

We are very excited to be working with RSA Conference and thank them for their support!

What does this mean for you?  Well if you are a blogger in the SBN you will receive a email shortly with some of the details of what more the SBN will soon be offering. If you are a reader of the SBN blog feed or the SBN site, you hopefully will be able to take your SBN in smaller chunks rather than drinking from the fire hose.  Also we are looking at some new stuff that will give you a chance to rate the blog posts and fashion your own feeds.

For me this goes along way towards enabling the vision I have had for the SBN almost 4 years ago.  We are still looking for other sponsors to enable some of the development and work we need to have done to make the SBN better and more useful then ever. The goal is to become the largest collection of security related content in the world and deliver it to readers they way they want to read it.

If you or your organization would like to also sponsor the SBN please contact me at info@securitybloggersnetwork.com.


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