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May 19, 2010

Calling all security bloggers, come out, come out where ever you are

come out come out I saw Rich Mogull last at RSA. Rich and I were bemoaning the lack of content coming out of the once vibrant security blogosphere.  Rich said when he had time he was going to blog on it.  Well he did and you can read it here.

I agree with Rich, by no matter how you measure it, the sheer quantity of blog posts on security are down. The interaction between blogs is down. I am not sure the quality of security blogging is down though.  Those that blog, do a great job of it.

As the manager of the Security Bloggers Network, I take a special interest in the state of the security blogosphere. I know that I still receive 2 to 3 requests a week to join the SBN.  The blogs requesting to join run the gamut from large security companies, security teams at companies to individual security geeks.

Maybe that is what it is, the old names we are familiar with are busy, moved on or as Rich suggests, Twittering. Like the NBA, the new crop of bloggers have not caught our eye perhaps. 

Whatever the case, what a shame. The security industry for a relatively small industry made a lot of noise blogging.  There are a lot of very smart people, who had some great things to say.  They still do.

I know that many of you security bloggers read this blog. I am asking you to get re-energized and rejoin the conversation. Lets get some good blog discussions happening!

The Security Bloggers Network will do their share.  We are in the final stages hopefully of arranging some sponsors that will allow us the ability to expand what we do (if you want to sponsor SBN there is still room for you, contact me). We want to facilitate the communication among the security bloggers, we want to bring topics to the front that we should be blogging about. Lets collectively use our content to be heard, read and published. 

I know many of you have asked how can you help. You can help by blogging. That is the single most important thing you can do. If you blog and reference what someone else wrote, ping, trackback, let the world know.

Collectively the security industry has many voices with many opinions. That diversity is our strength, but not if our voices are silent.  So lets hear from you.

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