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April 08, 2010

Big Changes for the Security Bloggers Network

sbn-logo Almost 4 years ago (I think it has really been that long!) Brad Feld approached me along with Dick Costolo, CEO of Feedburner (and now COO of Twitter) about starting a network of security blogs. It was something Feedburner was kicking around. They wanted to sell targeted ads into the feeds of the blogs and having them aggregated into communities would make it powerful.

I always thought of that as just one aspect of what a security bloggers network could do.  Then Feedburner was bought by Google and the whole network thing was not a priority.  My friends at Lijit stepped up and did a great job of recreating the spliced feed and giving the SBN a home. For the past few years they have been hosting the site and feed. But frankly though the widget was cool, I still wanted more from the site and the network.

Now I am happy to report that the SBN is about to launch the next chapter of its life. Over the next few days and weeks I will be migrating the site (with the help of the Lijit folks) to a server I am hosting. I will maitain the site myself. We will still offer the Lijit search widget, but we hope to have more.

I want to make the spliced feed just one page of a resource for both security bloggers and those who read them. We will start highlighting featured security bloggers, running contests for best blogs and tie some of what we are doing into the Social Security Blogger Awards that we do at RSA every year.

We have almost 300 member blogs in the SBN feed. Virtually all of the security commentary fit to print. It probably represents the biggest collection of security content in the world.

I have some other great ideas that I want to put into the SBN site. Tips and tricks for better blogging. Getting the security blogging industry blogging again. Perhaps tying in a twitter stream and security tweeters (have to speak to the security twits).

I want to foster some regular communication between the security bloggers besides our once a year meet up at RSA events.

Anyway, to do this I am going to need help. Both financially and technically.  So if sponsoring the SBN and reaching the almost 300 security blogs and podcasts is something of interest to you, please contact me at info@securitybloggersnetwork.com

I am not looking for major dollars to sponsor the SBN and we will probably have several rotating sponsors. It could be a great way to “influence the influencers”

If you are a Word Press person who would like to help out, please drop me a line too.

So stay tuned as we enter this next chapter and please pass the word to make sure the SBN continues to grow.


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