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December 21, 2009

Even more on Vigilar and Intense School

So the comments, emails and other messages keep coming in on the Vigilar / Intense School drama.  It seems a whole bunch of people are caught in the crossfire here. I don’t know how I got myself into this, but this blog is becoming a big of a clearinghouse for information.

Anyway, I recommend those people interested to take the time and read the comments on all three of the prior Vigilar posts.  Also I wanted to pass along a comment that was emailed to me directly:

Alan, we are a competitor of Vigilar, and I have been trying to reach someone over there for a few days now about picking up some of the pieces left behind - as well as hiring some of their employees.

Jack Koziol
InfoSec Institute, Inc.
708-689-0131 x. 6000

I do not know Jack and am not familiar with the InfoSec Institute. But for those who were put out in this mess, perhaps there is a new job at the end of the rainbow here.

Feel free to reach out to Jack or post comments here. The comment system is threaded and you can subscribe to be updated on any further comments left.


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