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December 21, 2009

Are the Vigilar / Intense School instructors getting paid?

I just wanted to call this out to the main section to see if we can help some people who are owed money for their work.  Last week I wrote about the apparent demise of Vigilar. At the time I said that the future of the Intense School was up in the air. Would they be able to spin it out? That brought up a couple of comments from some of the instructors. One instructor said he was owed money and worried about getting paid.  Another instructor commented that he was told everything was business as normal and they were getting paid.

Today the Vigilar web site is down and I am seeing more comments and emails about instructors not getting paid. The instructor who did say he was getting paid did not leave an email or name.  I don’t know if that was legit or not. Anyway, if anyone reading this is in the know about this, there is nothing worse then doing work and not getting paid.  If you have any information can you post it or reach out to some of the instructors who are in the dark and out the money right now.


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