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August 18, 2009

Albert Gonzalez: Dr. Evil or Lee Harvey Oswald?

trio of evil
Like many of you, I was somewhat amazed today to learn that according to the “authorities” the same person and his group was behind not only the notorious TJX and Dave & Buster credit card rip offs, but it was the same group that also pulled the Heartland heist and Hannaford, DSW and Barnes & Nobles, BJs Wholesale and Boston Market!  Can you believe this one man crime wave? Are there any other major breaches that he and his two unnamed Russian conspirators were not responsible for? Plus in his spare time he was an informant to the US Secret Service on other cybercrime activities. All of this from a high school graduate, self-taught hacker who has been in custody since May 2008.

Hey, I don’t have any knowledge that you couldn’t read in the 938 news articles on this available on Google as I wrote this, but call me doubting Thomas.  I just don’t think Gonzalez single handedly is responsible for all of the data security breaches that have happened over the last 5 years.  If he is, he is truly worthy of the Dr Evil title as a criminal mastermind.  But to me it sounds like the government has a patsy/scapegoat to blame this on and is wasting no time doing so.  Sort of like how Lee Harvey Oswald, a supposed CIA anti-Castro agent was “blamed” for the JFK assassination.  The two unnamed Russian helpers are positively right out of central casting. I am thinking Boris and Natasha, having escaped from Rocky and Bowinkle.  Come on guys this is just too much to be true. If I wrote this up as a book or movie you would think it ridiculous.  Well sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  Lets see about this one.


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