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August 14, 2007

What is your blog known for ...

Stats_2 If you asked me this question, I would love to tell you it is known for its insightful analysis of the security industry and some of the good things I have written over the almost 2 years I have been at this.  But alas if you go by the numbers it seems my blog is best known for fat girls, ugly girls and big butts!  How is that you say?  Well my friends, the numbers don't lie.  In addition to my regular subscribers (well over a thousand now), I usually get about 500+ non-subscriber visitors a day.  While this sounds like a lot, a closer examination reveals that the overwhelming majority of these visitors come via the search engines and it is for one article/picture that I did in Sept 2006.  It involved poking fun at Rothman and Mogul about analysts always getting the fat, ugly girls.  Little did I know that this would become my claim to fame. I include a recent days visitor stats to show you what I mean.  All three of the most popular pages have the post in question contained in them.

What to do about this?  Well at first I will admit that I did not want "that kind of traffic" on my blog, so I removed the picture of the women in question.  Than people started writing me asking what happened to the picture.  So after some thought, I put the picture back up due to popular demand.  I rationalized this by saying that if even a very small percentage of these visitors saw something good in my blog, maybe they would subscribe to it.  Fact is I don't think any of them do, they are there just for the picture. 

So after almost 2 years of pouring my heart out on this blog, I am best known for pictures of ugly girls.  Oh the cruel fates of the internet!


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