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October 25, 2006

Less than zero starting to add up to something

The "Less Than Zero" train continues to gather steam.  Today TechNewsWorld had a nice write up by John P Mello, Jr that does a nice job of summing it all up.  Couple of things that had me smiling was first of all he called me a White Hat (I always wanted to a white hat) and more importantly, other folks he interviewed from CA, Symantec, McAfee, Sophos and ESET were actually using the less than zero name to talk about this class of attacks.

The real cherry for me though was that none other than Mike Rothman actually gave me kudos on this one.  Mikey, you went easy on me, are you going soft?  Seriously, I realize there is marketing involved here, but I wanted to focus us on a job that needs to be done.  Also, Mike one of the culprits for this emphasis on zero day at the expense of less than zero is the fame and fortune we put on vulnerability research.  There is too much of a gold rush to announce to the market that you found the next vulnerability.  The real gold rush though is what the bad guys are doing with the unknown ones. White hats don't discover the bulk of these attacks.  You can buy less than zero attacks right now for 150k or less.  I realize that White Hats don't just bug test, but lets stop holding them out as the answer here.  We have to remain vigilant as you and I both say.  But I do appreciate the kind words and as usual, you have some good stuff on this one!  Thanks Mike.


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